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Dasara Bombe Habba 2018 Contest | Win Gift Vouchers

Hi Folks, Dasara Bombe Habba 2018 Contest: Lyricsraaga is pleased to announce the article writing contest ‘Dasara Bombe Habba 2018’ on the account of Navarathri Festival. You can write an Article about Navarathri Golu / Kolu or Navarathri Gombe [Dasara Gombe], Bombe Habba celebration in your Home. Terms and Conditions to enter the contest 1.

Sole Geluvendu Baalali Song Meaning

Sole Geluvendu Baalali Song Meaning: We posted the lyrics of the famous kannada song Sole Geluvendu Baalali. This song is  from the 1994 Kannada movie Odahuttidavaru, directed by Dorai – Bhagawan. Odahuttidavaru features Rajkumar, Ambareesh, Madhavi, Srishanti, Vajramuni, K. S. Ashwath, Balakrishna, Umashree and others. The film was the last work of the acclaimed lyricist

My Favorite Bollywood Romantic Songs

My Favorite Bollywood Romantic Songs: Bollywood without romantic songs? Aisa ho hi nahi sakta! Bollywood has this unbreakable relationship with romantic songs (sometimes with rain). Even if the story didn’t require a romantic song, directors have made sure of putting at least one romantic song and I am glad for that! Bollywood has given us

My Favorite A.R. Rahman Hindi Songs | Part 1

My Favorite A.R. Rahman Hindi Songs | Part 1 Is that even possible that you like Bollywood songs and A.R. Rahman doesn’t make your favorite list? Aisa ho hi nahi sakta! He started his magic with Roja directed by Mani Ratnam and its been two and a half decades and the magic of A. R.

My Favorite Sonu Nigam Hindi Songs

My Favorite Sonu Nigam Hindi Songs: Sonu Nigam, name itself is enough to make all the music lovers to smile and get lost in songs sung by this talented singer. Is there even a hater for this amazing singer? I grew up listening to his songs even after two decades I’m head over heels in

My Favorite Bollywood sad songs | Part 1

My Favorite Bollywood sad songs | Part 1 I’m a huge fan of Bollywood Patho Songs also known as sad songs. I was under the notion that, I have to be a crazy person to prefer sad songs over energetic dance numbers. It was quite shocking to know that more people are inclined towards sad

My Favorite Bollywood Songs | Part 2

My Favorite Bollywood Songs | Part 2 I have a motto in life… books for mind and music for soul. I cannot function without these two in my daily life. I have N number of songs, artists, music directors to be thankful for providing me solace. Here are is the 2nd list of My Favorite

My Favorite Bollywood Songs | Part 1

My Favorite Bollywood Songs | Part 1 You know there’s a saying – Everybody loves music and if someone doesn’t enjoy music irrespective of the genre – there has to be some serious issues with him!!! I love our Bollywood songs and lyrics or should I say LOVED?! I think I stopped appreciating the music