Love You Abhi S1E3 Written Update – Kannada Web Series

Love You Abhi S1E3 Written Update – Kannada Web Series: Love You Abhi is a new Kannada web series, directed by Kali Velayudham starring Vikram Ravichandran, Aditi Prabhudeva in the lead. This web series is streaming Jio Cinema for free.

This romantic thriller features Vikram Ravichandran, Aditi Prabhudeva, Srinath, Vinaya Prasad, Rachitha Mahalakshmi, Ambika, Sundarraj, Kempegowda and others. Love You Abhi crew includes Music by Nijil Dhinakar, Cinematography by Arun Brahma, Editing by Pradeep E. Ragav, and others.

Love You Abhi S1E3 Written Update

Love You Abhi Kannada Web Series Story

In the midst of a murder mystery lies a captivating tale that intertwines love and suspense. Abhi, played by the talented Aditi Prabhudeva, faces tragedy when her husband meets an untimely demise. Seeking solace in her childhood friend Shivan, portrayed by the charismatic Vikram, Abhi finds unexpected love in the midst of her grief. Shiva’s unconditional love for Abhi and his unwavering support for her and her child provide a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.

However, as Abhi delves into the shocking revelation that her husband’s death was not accidental but a calculated murder, the story takes an exhilarating twist. Suspicion falls upon Abhi herself, prompting a thrilling clash between Shiva and the relentless police officer Shiradi Shekhar, played by the talented Ravi Shankar. As the race to uncover the truth unfolds, the lines blur between innocence and guilt, leading to an thrilling face-off that will determine the fate of the characters involved.

Love You Abhi S1E3 Written Update – Kannada Web Series

Love You Abhi – Season 1 – Episode 3 | Shiva seeks to safeguard Prema

Police try to track down Prema and gather evidence against her and Abhi. In addition, while the police try to apprehend Prema, Shiva tries to protect her from them. Will he be able to safeguard her from the cops?



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