Attack on Actress Shakeela

Attack on Actress Shakeela – Police complaint against her step daughter

Actress Shakeela found herself at the center of a disturbing incident when her adopted daughter, Sheethal, allegedly assaulted her and her lawyer, Soundarya. The incident unfolded after Seethal reportedly fled from home following a dispute. Soundarya, upon learning of the situation through a friend’s call, rushed to Shakeela’s aid.

Upon arriving at Shakeela’s residence, Soundarya attempted to mediate the situation by inviting Seethal, along with her mother Sasi and sister Jameela, to discuss and resolve the matter. However, the confrontation escalated unexpectedly. Seethal allegedly attacked Soundarya with a cigarette tray, threatening harm to Shakeela. In the course of the altercation, Seethal’s mother, Sasi, reportedly bit Soundarya’s right wrist, causing an injury.

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Following the assault, Shakeela and Soundarya sought medical attention at Midway Hospital in Kodambakkam. Subsequently, Soundarya filed a complaint at the Kodambakkam police station, detailing the violent encounter with Shakeela’s adopted daughter and her family. The police are now investigating the matter based on Soundarya’s report, and further actions will be taken accordingly.

It is worth noting that Sheethal, Shakeela’s niece, had been raised by Shakeela since she was six months old. Seethal’s mother and elder sister reside in Kodambakkam Trust Puram, as her father has passed away. The incident has become a subject of discussion in Kollywood circles, shedding light on the complexities within Shakeela’s familial relationships.