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Amme Narayana Devi Narayana Lyrics

Amme Narayana Devi Narayana Lyrics: Amme Narayana Devi Narayana is a popular Malayalam devotional song about Goddess Bhagavati [Mahalakshmi]. Goddess Bhagavati [Mahalakshmi] is believed to be residing in Chottanikkara along with her husband Maha Vishnu. The temple is located at Chottanikkara, a southern suburb of the city of Kochi in Ernakulam district, in the state

Udhichuyarnnu Mamala Mele Lyrics | Devotional Songs

Udhichuyarnnu Mamala Mele Lyrics | Devotional Songs: Udhichuyarnnu Mamala Mele is a popular Malayalam Ayyappa Devotional song rendered by legendary singer K. J. Yesudas. This song was written by Chowalloor Krishnankutty and composed by music director Gangai Amaran. Lord Ayyapa is known as Harihara Putra because He is considered to be the union of Lord