Bengaluru to Ayodhya Special Trains: Timings | Fares | Booking Information

Bengaluru to Ayodhya Special Trains: Timings | Fares | Booking Information: As the inauguration of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya approaches on January 22, preparations are in full swing, and special trains have been arranged from various parts of the country, including Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka.

Indian Railways has taken the initiative to facilitate travel for individuals wanting to participate in this significant event. Indian Railways has decided to run trains from different sources in the country to make it easier for people to reach Ayodhya. Also, trains from Bangalore will go to Ayodhya. Several trains ply between Bangalore and Ayodhya Junction. Most of these trains depart from Yeshwantpur Junction for Ayodhya.

It is one of the busiest train lines in the Indian railway network. Railway tickets can be booked in advance for a non-stop journey from Bangalore to Ayodhya. Passengers can book Bangalore to Ayodhya train tickets through offline and online.

Online booking can be done through Indian Railway’s IRCTC website, where passengers can check seat availability and book convenient tickets. E-catering services are provided at more than 450 stations in collaboration with IRCTC official Railmitra. In this, passengers can relish the restaurant’s hot food during their train journey.

Bengaluru to Ayodhya Special Trains Timings, Fares, & Booking Information

Here are the details of the special trains from Bengaluru to Ayodhya, including timings, fares, and booking information.

1. Train No. 15024 – Yesvantpur-Gorakhpur Express:

Departure: Yesvantpur, Bangalore at 11:40 PM
Arrival: Ayodhya at 04:26 PM the next day

2. Train No. 22534 – Yashvantpur to Gorakhpur Express:

Departure: Yashvantpur, Bangalore at 11:40 PM
Arrival: Gorakhpur at 03:50 PM the next day

3. Train No. 12592 – Yeswantpur Gorakhpur Inter Express:

Departure: Yeswantpur, Bangalore at 05:20 PM
Arrival: Destination at 01:17 PM the next day


Regular ticket price to Ayodhya: Rs 840.99
First-class ticket price: Rs 2,183.79

Booking Information:
Passengers can book their tickets for the Bengaluru to Ayodhya trains through both offline and online modes. Online booking is available on the official Indian Railways IRCTC website, where travelers can check seat availability and conveniently book their tickets.

E-Catering Services:
E-catering services are available at more than 450 stations in collaboration with IRCTC’s official Railmitra. This allows passengers to enjoy hot food from restaurants during their train journey.

The first train to Ayodhya departs at 3:10 AM, and the last train leaves at 11:40 PM.

For those planning to be a part of the historic Ram Mandir inauguration in Ayodhya, these special trains offer a convenient and efficient mode of transportation. Ensure to book your tickets in advance to secure your seat and make the most of the journey to this auspicious event.