Thalapathy Vijay’s Political Journey: Farewell to Cinema and the Launch of Tamilaga Vetri Kalagam

Thalapathy Vijay’s Political Journey: Farewell to Cinema and the Launch of Tamilaga Vetri Kalagam

Renowned Tamil actor Thalapathy Vijay, known for his philanthropic efforts through ‘Vijay Makkal Ilakkam,’ has taken a decisive step towards politics, bidding adieu to his cinematic career. His foray into politics is marked by the formation of his political party, ‘Tamilaga Vetri Kalagam.’

In the aftermath of the recent cyclone affecting Tuticorin and Nellai districts, Vijay personally engaged with the public, distributing relief materials to those in need. Subsequently, a meeting with Janandolan district leaders discussed strategies for the upcoming parliamentary elections, contemplating whether to contest independently or align with other political entities.

Thalapathy Vijay's Political Journey begins

Amidst the deliberations, Vijay officially unveiled his political party, ‘Tamilaga Vetri Kalagam,’ in a statement on his social media. Expressing his longstanding intention to serve the people of Tamil Nadu, he emphasized the need for political power to enhance the impact of ‘Vijay Makkal Ilakkam’s’ welfare initiatives.

The actor-turned-politician articulated his vision for the party, aiming to contest and triumph in the 2026 assembly elections to effect transformative political change. Pending approval from the Election Commission, Vijay pledged to embark on a political journey with public meetings introducing the party’s principles, flag, symbol, and action plans aligned with Tamil Nadu’s upliftment.

Highlighting the party’s commitment to democratic processes, Vijay outlined plans for volunteer mobilization, accountable leadership, and infrastructure strengthening. While confirming the party’s application for registration, he declared a decision not to participate in the 2024 Parliament Election or support any other party.

Vijay asserted his dedication to politics as a sacred service to the people, distancing it from a mere career pursuit. Acknowledging the upcoming completion of a film commitment, ‘The Greatest of All Time,’ he affirmed his active involvement in politics for public service, expressing a desire to repay his debt to the people of Tamil Nadu.

As questions arise about his film career’s future, particularly with his ongoing project ‘The Greatest of All Time,’ directed by Venkat Prabhu, Vijay’s fans are grappling with the prospect of him becoming a full-time politician. The film boasts a stellar cast and is currently in production, with speculations arising about Vijay’s 69th film directed by Karthik Subbaraj.

Whether ‘The Greatest of All Time’ marks the culmination of his cinematic journey depends on the success of his political venture, a question that only time will answer. Thalapathy Vijay, once celebrated for his performances on the silver screen, is now poised for a new chapter in the realm of Tamil Nadu politics.