Silent Night Lyrics – Christmas Carol

Silent Night Lyrics – Christmas Carol: ‘Silent Night’ is a popular Christmas carol that originated in Austria. The original German title is “Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht,” and it was written by Joseph Mohr in 1816, with the music composed by Franz Xaver Gruber in 1818.

The carol has been translated into many languages and is sung around the world during the Christmas season. The song is known for its peaceful and calming melody, reflecting the quiet and serene atmosphere of the night of Christ’s birth. Its universal message of peace and the simple beauty of its melody contribute to its enduring popularity.

The English translation of ‘Silent Night’ is often attributed to John Freeman Young. He was an Episcopal clergyman in the United States who translated the lyrics from the original German into English in 1859. Young’s translation is the one that is most commonly used in English-speaking countries today.

While there have been other translations and adaptations over the years, Young’s version has endured as the standard English translation for ‘Silent Night’.

christmas carol songsSilent Night Lyrics – Christmas Carol

Language: German/English
Lyrics: Joseph Mohr
Composer: Franz Xaver Gruber
Translated by: John Freeman Young
Original title: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht

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Silent Night, Holy Night
All Is Calm, All Is Bright
Round Yon Virgin Mother And Child
Holy Infant, So Tender And Mild
Sleep In Heavenly Peace
Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Silent Night, Holy Night
Shepherds Quake At The Sight
Glories Stream From Heaven Afar
Heavenly Hosts Sing Alleluia
Christ The Savior Is Born
Christ The Savior Is Born

Silent Night, Holy Night
Son Of God, Love’s Pure Light
Radiant Beams From Thy Holy Face
With The Dawn Of Redeeming Grace
Jesus, Lord, At Thy Birth
Jesus, Lord, At Thy Birth