Yesu Pirandharae Endhan Ullathile Song Lyrics | Tamil Christmas Songs

Yesu Pirandharae Endhan Ullathile Song Lyrics | Tamil Christmas Songs: Yesu Pirandharae Endhan Ullathile is  a Tamil Song about Lord Jesus. This song was tuned, written and rendered by Jeswin Samuel from the album  Yesuvukaaga. The music of the song was taken care by Stephen J Renswick, Mixed and Mastered by R. Augustine  Ponselven. Backing Vocals by Joel Thomasraj and Rachel Stephen.

Yesu Pirandharae Endhan Ullathile Song video is a big hit in YouTube with more than 17 Million view till date.

Tamil-Christmas-SongsSong: Yesu Pirandharae Endhan Ullathile

Album : Yesuvukaaga 2
Vocals By : Jeswin Samuel
Music By: Stephen J Renswick
Genre: Devotional / Christian
Lord: Jesus

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John 3:16
That Whoever Belives In Shall Not Worry

Yesu Pirandharae
Endhan Ullathilae
Yesu Pirandharae
Magilndhu Paadiduvom

Yesu Pirandharae Enthan Ullathile
Yesu Pirandharae Magilndhu Paadiduvom

Paavangal Pokida Ratchagar Pirandhare Ohoo..
Saabangal Neekida Nithiyar Pirandhare

Halle…Lujah Hallelujah.. |2|

Thoodhargal Paadida
Saashthrigal Thozhudhida
Meipargal Vanangida
Arpudham Nadandhida
Needhiyin Sooriyanaai
Yesu Pirandharae..

Halle…Lujah Hallelujah.. |2|

Haha That’s Right. Lets Go
The One Who Is Seated At The Most High Throne
He Came To Redeem Us, Christ Was Born
The Big Reason For This Season
He Is King Let’s Rock And Roll
No More Worries, He Is Here, The Game Changer
There Is No More Fear Born In A Manger Still
Not A Stranger Jesus Christ
Man He Is My Savior It’s True


Kattugal Avilndhida
Vidudhalai Thandhida
Vyadhigal Neengida
Adhisaiyam Nadandhida
Needhiyin Sooriyanai
Yesu Pirandhaare

Halle…Lujah Hallelujah..
Halle…Lujah Hallelujah..

There Is A King To Rule
Son Of God!! Man He’s So Cool
He Loved Us So Much, Came Down For Us
John 3:16 That’s The Truth
You Gotta Realize Open Up Your Eyes
You Gotta Realize Start Being Wise
You Gotta Realize Forget The Rules
Jesus Is The Way To Choose

Halle…Lujah Hallelujah.. |2|

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