Pregnancy | Antenatal Exercises

Pregnancy | Antenatal Exercises

Exercise – It is known to stimulate the intestinal muscles thus facilitating digestion and alleviating constipation. Include exercise in your daily regime with the advice of your doctor. Exercising also helps you maintain good health and improves chances of normal delivery. You can safely include swimming and walking as your normal routine, unless advised adversely

Early-Signs-of-PregnancyAntenatal classes – As adults, most young women interact with the health care system related to their unique issues of conception and pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very special event in every young couple’s life. Understanding the body changes in pregnancy and designing a customized antenatal programme is beneficial for an expecting mother. You must be eagerly looking forward to have your baby and we want to make this experience healthy and pleasurable one.

Antenatal classes are time well invested and there is evidence to suggest that women cope better with pregnancy and labour if they have attended their ante natal classes. Along with your other skills you will learn relaxation techniques, birthing skills and tips on how both parents can cope with the pregnancy and children.

The Classes include:

    • Gynaecological Counselling
    • Nutrition education and counselling during pregnancy and nursing period
  • Physiotherapy session on exercises
  • Importance of post-natal exercises

Benefits of Antenatal Exercises

  • Prepare for easy labour by strengthening and stretching back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles (Kegel Exercise)
  • Improving cardiovascular fitness and metabolic function help promote tissue recovery after birth
  • Making the patient understand the changes in the body mechanics during pregnancy due to the various physiological changes
  • To promote awareness of good posture and training for the same
  • To teach total body relaxation along with breathing exercises
  • To build exercise tolerance and endurance (Cardiac reserve)
  • To prepare the mother to go through the labour and understand

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