Dr Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini Kannada Movies List

Dr Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini Kannada Movies List: The pair of Dr Vishnuvardhan And Suhasini is considered as one of the best onscreen pair of Kannada cinema. They had acted together in seven film and most of them are super hit movies. some of them are considered as landmark movies of Kannada cinema. We had We have made an attempt to list out Movies that featured Dr Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini together. Lets check out..

vishnuvardhan suhasini movies

1. Bandhana [1984]: Bandhana is one of the milestone movies of Kannada cinema. This is the first film in which actors Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini acted together for the first time. Their performance in this was lauded by viewers and critics. This pair went become a one of the best onscreen pair of Kannada cinema.

Bandhana was directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. Along with Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini, the film featured Jai Jagadish, Roopa, Kanchana, Shivaram, Mysore Lokesh, Musuri Krishnamurthy, and others. M. Ranga Rao was the music director. The film contains evergreen hit songs.

2. Suprabhatha [1988]: Director Dinesh Babu’s Kannada directorial debut Suprabhatha, brought together the pair of Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini again after the mega hit film Bandhana. once again the magic of this pair mesmerized the viewers. both the actors gave one more stellar performance in their respective roles.

‘Nanna Haadu Nannadu’ is one of the all time hit songs. Songs of this movie were composed by Music director duo Rajan-Nagendra and lyrics were penned by Chi. Udaya Shankar.

3. Muthina Haara [1990]: One more heart breaking tale by director Rajendra Singh Babu after the mega hit Bandhana in 1984. He bought back the successful pair of Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini once again for this emotional film set in the back drop of army life and war.

Muthina Haara is considered as one of the landmark movies of Kannada cinema. as usual both Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini stole the show with their extraordinary acting skills. Songs of the film were written and composed by Music director Hamsalekha.

4. Himapatha [1995]: After Five years, Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini came together again for a Rajendra Singh Babu directorial Himapatha that featured the ensemble cast of Jaya Prada, C. R. Simha, Jai Jagadish, Jayanthi, Leelavathi, Umashree, and others. Songs were composed and written by Hamsalekha. The success streak of Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini continued.

5. Hendthigelthini [1998]: Hendthigelthini is a fifth film of Vishnuvardhan and Suhasini together. This film was directed by Dinesh Babu. The film featured Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini Maniratnam, Tara, Vanishree, B. V. Radha, and others. V. Manohar wrote and composed the songs of this movie.

6. Maathaadu Maathaadu Mallige [2007]: After a long gap of Nine years, Suhasini and Vishnuvardhan came together onscreen for Nagathihalli Chandrashekar 2007 film Maathaadu Maathaadu Mallige. Mano Murthy was the
music director of this film. The movie cast includes Dr.Vishnuvardhan, Sudeep, Suhasini, Tara, Nivedhitha, Rangayana Raghu, and others.

7. School Master [2010]: School Master directed by Dinesh Babu is the last film of Suhasini and Vishnuvardhan
together. The film featured Vishnuvardhan, Suhasini, Devaraj, Tara, Avinash, Srinivasa Murthy, Mukesh Rishi, and others. V. Sridhar was the music director of this film.

Dr Vishnuvardhan And Suhasini Kannada Movies List

Movie Year Director
Bandhana 1984 Rajendra Singh Babu
Suprabhatha 1988 Dinesh Babu
Muthina Haara 1990 Rajendra Singh Babu
Himapatha 1995 Rajendra Singh Babu
Hendthigelthini 1998 Dinesh Babu
Maathaadu Maathaadu Mallige 2007 Nagathihalli Chandrashekar
School Master 2010 Dinesh Babu