Surat Diamond Bourse – Worlds Largest Office Building

Surat Diamond Bourse – Worlds Largest Office Building: Surat, the gem capital of India, located in the state of Gujarat, has achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing the United States to become the host of the largest office building in the world. The ‘Surat Diamond Bourse,’ a comprehensive hub catering to over 65,000 diamond professionals, now holds the title of the world’s largest office building, dethroning the renowned Pentagon in the US.

This prestigious structure embodies the essence of Surat’s global significance as a prominent player in the diamond trade industry. Unlike any other office building, the Surat Diamond Bourse serves as a one-stop destination for diamond professionals, offering a wide range of facilities and services under one roof.

Surat Diamond Bourse - Worlds Largest Office Building

Positioned to accommodate a massive workforce, the Surat Diamond Bourse caters to the needs of over 65,000 professionals engaged in various aspects of the diamond trade. Its sprawling design and state-of-the-art amenities ensure a seamless and efficient working environment for all those involved in diamond cutting, polishing, and sales.

Architecturally, the Surat Diamond Bourse stands as a testament to modern ingenuity and innovation. Its distinctive design elements and cutting-edge features have earned it global recognition. This awe-inspiring building has emerged as a symbol of Surat’s prowess in the diamond industry, captivating attention worldwide.

Let’s delve into the fascinating architecture of the Surat Diamond Trade Center:

  • The Diamond Trade Center spans 35 acres in Surat, Gujarat, and comprises nine rectangular structures, each with 15 floors.
  • It boasts a capacity of accommodating up to 4,700 offices, beautifully designed with marble floors and well-lit spaces.
  • The center can employ up to 65,000 workers engaged in diamond cutting, polishing, and sales.
  • The building is equipped with 131 elevators, dining areas, and conference halls to access all 15 floors.
  • To promote the well-being of workers, nine courtyards spanning 1.5 acres have been set up, providing relaxation areas and casual seating arrangements, along with health facilities and water facilities.
  • The Surat Diamond Trade Building was designed and constructed by the Indian architectural firm Morphogenesis. It took four years to complete the building, with a two-year delay caused by the impact of the COVID infection on the construction work.
  • The total cost of the building amounts to 3,200 crores.
  • For the past 80 years, the Pentagon has held the title of the world’s largest office, with a floor area of 6.5 million square feet. However, the Surat Diamond Trade Center’s impressive floor area now stands at 7.1 million square feet.
  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to inaugurate this magnificent building in November 2023.

The journey of the Surat Diamond Bourse to claim the title of the world’s largest office building has been a testament to India’s continued growth and development on the global stage. Surat’s reputation as the “Diamond City of India” is further solidified, as this remarkable achievement cements its position as a global leader in the diamond trade.

The Surat Diamond Bourse’s rise to prominence has been a significant milestone in India’s journey towards establishing itself as a key player in the international diamond market. This unparalleled achievement has set a new standard for the diamond trade industry and serves as an inspiration to other nations.

In conclusion, the Surat Diamond Bourse’s journey to becoming the world’s largest office building is a shining example of India’s prowess in the global arena. This remarkable achievement reflects Surat’s undeniable significance in the diamond trade industry and showcases the city’s unique spirit of innovation and excellence.