Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics

Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics: Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi is a popular children’s song or children’s rhyme about a turtle whose wish of flying like birds ends in a unfortunate disaster. This poem was written by writer Giriraja Hosamani.

Once upon a time, a turtle built its home near the banks of a peaceful pond. It observed the graceful birds soaring through the sky and wished to experience the same freedom and adventure.

Filled with a desire to fly like the birds, the turtle shared its aspiration with its companions. Hearing about its dream, two bird friends empathized with the turtle’s longing and decided to help it fulfill its wish.

They generously offered to take the turtle as a passenger on their wings, believing they could make its dream come true. The turtle, overwhelmed with joy, gladly accepted their kind offer.

However, as the turtle embarked on this extraordinary journey, it soon realized that it was not meant to fly. Its heavy shell weighed it down, making it impossible to soar through the sky like the birds.

In its eagerness to fulfill its dream, the turtle had failed to consider its own limitations and unique characteristics. It had overlooked the fact that each being possesses its own strengths and abilities, tailored to its nature.

Realizing its mistake, the turtle became disheartened. It felt a deep sense of disappointment and regret for not appreciating its own natural gifts and talents. The turtle had failed to recognize the value and purpose of being a turtle.

The moral of the story is that each individual is unique, with their own set of abilities and qualities. It is important to embrace and nurture our inherent strengths rather than blindly striving to be someone or something we are not.

Also, The story teaches us the need to be aware of when to keep our mouths shut and when not to. If we don’t know when to remain silent, it is like building a well-fortified wall of danger. This verse conveys the importance of understanding this subtle wisdom.

The turtle’s tale teaches us to value and be content with who we are. By recognizing and developing our own unique abilities, we can lead a fulfilling and purposeful life. Let us remember that true happiness lies in embracing our individuality and making the most of the talents we possess.

Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics
Written by: Giriraja Hosamani
Language: Kannada
Genre: Children’s Poem

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Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi
Maneya Maadithu

Hakkiyanthe Haara Beku
Endu Bayasithu

Gelaya Hakkigalanu
Kandu Aase Thilisithu

Hakkiyeradu Aame
Maatha Oppikondavu

Atta Itta Hakki Eradu
Badige Hididavu

Ame Adake Jothu Beele
Haari Hodavu

Daariyalli Idanu Kanda
Janaru Nakkaru

Maana Hoyitendu Ame
Manadi Kudhiyithu

Nakka Janara Baiyyalendu
Bayi Tereyithu

Melinninda Kelage Biddu
Sattu Hoyithu!

Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics