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Bendekayi Thondekayi Thotadallide Lyrics

Bendekayi Thondekayi Thotadallide Lyrics: Bendekayi Thondekayi Thotadallide is a Kannada Rhyme for children’s written by R. Radhakrishna. This is a playful and whimsical children’s rhyme in Kannada. It doesn’t seem to have a specific profound meaning but rather consists of playful and imaginative verses. Bendekayi Thondekayi Thotadallide Song Lyrics were penned by R. Radhakrishna and

Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics

Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi Lyrics: Aame Ondu Kereya Dadadi is a popular children’s song or children’s rhyme about a turtle whose wish of flying like birds ends in a unfortunate disaster. This poem was written by writer Giriraja Hosamani. Once upon a time, a turtle built its home near the banks of a peaceful pond.

Vegetable Song Lyrics – Kannada Rhymes

Vegetable Song Lyrics – Kannada Rhymes:  Vegetable Song is a Kannada Rhyme for childrens. It is helpful in learning the vegitable names. In this song Various Vegitable names such as Pumpkin, Cucumber, Ladies Finger, Tomato, Potato, Cabbage, Carrot, Beetroot, Brinjal, Radish, Beans, and other vegitables are mentioned. This is very interesting song with humor and