Deepavali Festival Songs from Kannada Movies

Deepavali Festival Songs from Kannada Movies: Deepavali Festival is one of the most celebrated Festival in India. Deepavali or Diwali Is a festival of lights. The festival is a celebration of Victory good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. This 5 day festival is the real treat for children.

deepavali-kannada-songsThe main attraction of the festival is Crackers. These cracker drives children Crazy but unfortunately a lot of accidents also occurs during this festival because of crackers. Along with Crackers The new dresses, Sweets, Food everything add joy to the celebrations. The lamp decorations, Rangoli’s, Flowers all these things make this festival More vibrant and enjoyable.

Festivals are the ways of bringing people together irrespective of Religion and Caste to celebrate the Festival with our Relatives and friends. Festivals are part of Our Indian Cinema. There were lots of songs were made about Deepavali Festival in various languages. Here we made a list of Deepavali Festival Songs from Kannada Movies. Its quite an interesting list. Before going to the list Team Lyricsraaga wish you all Happy Deepavali Folks..

Lets Check out the list of Deepavali Kannada Songs

1. Naadinanda Ee Deepavali
Movie: Nanda Deepa [1963]
Audio Label: Saregama
Composed By: M. Venkataraju
Lyrics By: Sorat Ashwath
Singers: S. Janaki, P. Leela

2. Varushake Omme Deepavali
Movie: Nyaya Neethi Dharma [1980]
Record Label: Inreco
Music By: Upendra Kumar
Lyrics By: Bangee Ranga
Singers: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Jayachandran

3. Oorella Belakaago Deepavali Namgindhu
Movie: Guru Sarvabhouma Sri Raghavendra Karune [1980]
Audio On: Saregama
Music: M Ranga Rao
Rendered By: P. Susheela
Lyrics: Hunsur Krishnamurthy

4. Belakanu Chelli Bandhe Banthu Deepavali
Movie: Nannavaru [1986]
Audio Label : Sangeetha
Music By: M. Ranga Rao
Lyrics: Doddarange Gowda
Singers: S. Janaki And Chorus

5. Deepavali Deepavali Lyrics
Movie: Muddina Maava [1993]
Audio Label: Lahari Music
Music By: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
Lyrics By: Hamsalekha
Singers: Dr. Rajkumar, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

6. Deepawali Jyothi
Movie: Bhagavan Sri Saibaba [1993]
Record Label: Akash Audio
Composed By: Upendra Kumar
Singers: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, B. R. Chaya, Sangeetha Katti, P. Susheela
Lyrics By: R. N. Jayagopal

7. Deepa Hacchaa Beku
Movie: Dharma Devathe [2002]
Audio On: Ashwini Audio
Music By: Upendra Kumar
Lyrics By: N/A
Singers: Badari Prasad, Nanditha

8. Deepadinda Deepava Hacchabeku
Movie: Nanjundi [2003]
Music Label: Akash Audio
Music: Hamsalekha
Lyrics: Hamsalekha
Singers: Madhu Balakrishnan, Nanditha

9. Benki Kaddi Hacchi Kondu
Movie: Vishnu Sena [2005]
Music Label: Akash Audio
Music By: Deva
Lyrics By: V. Nagendra Prasad
Sung By: S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, K. S. Chithra

10. Pata Pata Pataki
Movie: Chellata [2006]
Audio On: Anand Audio
Music By: Gurukiran
Singers: Udith Narayan And Chorus
Lyrics By: V. Nagendra Prasad

11. Deepa Deepa Kanthumba
Movie: Shree [2006]
Audio On: Akash Audio
Music By: Valeesha-Sandeep
Singers: Rajesh Krishnan, Chithra
Lyrics By: V. Manohar

List of Deepavali Kannada Movie Songs

Song Movie Year
Naadinanda Ee Deepavali Nanda Deepa 1963
Varushake Omme Deepavali Nyaya Neethi Dharma 1980
Oorella Belakago Deepavali Guru Sarvabhouma Sri Raghavendra Karune 1980
Belakanu Chelli Bandhe Nannavaru 1986
Deepavali Deepavali Muddina Maava 1993
Deepawali Jyothi Bhagavan Sri Saibaba 1993
Deepa Hacchaa Beku Dharma Devathe 2002
Deepadinda Deepava Hacchabeku Nanjundi 2003
Benki Kaddi Hacchi Kondu Vishnu Sena 2005
Pata Pata Pataki Chellata 2006
Deepa Deepa Kanthumba Shree 2006

Note: There are few other songs based on Deepavali. Songs like Kanasugarana ondu from O nanna nalle, Sihi Mutthu Sihi Mutthu from Naa ninna Mareyalaare, A song from the movie Sowbhagyalakshmi and others have Depavali in the backdrop but the problem is they are not perfect Deepavali songs.

Some songs have the song in the backdrop pf Deepavali but the lyrics were telling something else. Some songs have the word deepavali but the context would be different. So we try to create list pf perfect Deepavali Kannada songs. We had done our best. If we left out any song in this list, Please feel free to give your suggestions in the comment box. Once again Happy Deepavali…