The Foolish Jackal – Panchatantra Stories 4

The Foolish Jackal – Panchatantra Stories 4

There lived two big bulls in a village. The village was situated near a thick forest. Once on some issue the bulls began fighting fiercely on the outskirts of the village. They would keep their horns locked with each other for hours together. Then, they would walk back a little and again run into each other dashing their heads together. They engaged themselves in such a fierce fighting that they badly injured themselves and soon blood started oozing from their heads. But they didn’t stop fighting.

A jackal, who had been watching this bloody fight throughout from behind the thick bushes, saw the blood of the bulls dropping on to the ground. He came out of the bushes to lick it.

Without a second thought, the jackal made his way between those two bulls and started licking the blood.

While he was still busy licking the blood happily, the bulls again retracted themselves to a few steps and then rammed fiercely into each other. They dashed their heads together. The poor jackal got crushed between their heads. His stomach burst with a loud noise and he died instantaneously.

Moral: Never loose yours senses out of greed.

The Foolish Jackal - Panchatantra Stories 4