The Mouse And The Bull – Panchatantra Stories 2

The Mouse And The Bull – Panchatantra Stories 2

Once upon a time there lived a big bull in a village. The village was situated near a lake. One day, when the bull felt thirsty, he started walking towards the lake.

There was a tiny mouse living in the same village. The mouse was sitting by the side of the lake and basking in the sun. The bull who was going to drink water from the lake stepped on the tail of the mouse. The mouse squeaked in pain. He looked at his tail. It was completely crushed.

‘This foolish bull has crushed my tail. I’ll bite this bull to death.’ The mouse said to himself and jumped on to the bull’s back and biting him with his sharp teeth. The bull didn’t feel any pain. He was rather unaware of the presence of a little mouse on his back.

The Mouse And The Bull - Panchatantra Stories 2

after sometime the mouse was tired of biting the seeing no reaction, he jumped off the bull’s back and stood before him blocking his way. the bull looked at the mouse and asked, “why do you block my way? get out of my path, otherwise, you’ll be crushed.”

“you’ve already done it,” said the mouse angrily. he showed his tail to the bull and said, “i bit you all over your back. didn’t you feel any pain?.”

the bull was surprised to listen to this. he laughed and replied, “did I really stamp on your tail and did you really bite me all over my body? I never realized both. however I’m sorry, if it really happened?

the mouse was left speechless to hear the bull’s answer. he thought to himself that it was quite useless to argue with that thick skinned animal. the mouse felt very much disgusted and went to his home crying in pain.

Moral: It’s no use arguing with a stupid person.