Three Fish And The Fishermen – Panchatantra Stories 8

Three Fish And The Fishermen – Panchatantra Stories 8

Long, long ago, there lived three fish with their families in a pond. Their names were Anagatavidhata, Pratyutpannamati and Yadbhavishya. Anagatavidhata was very practical. She always planned her actions in advance. Pratyutpannamati too was practical and always tendered good advices to her elder sister Anagatavidhata. Yadbhavishya, the youngest of them all, loved to laze around only. She didn’t like to work at all.

One day, some fishermen came to the pond. One of them said, “This is the pond I was telling you about. There are many fish in this pond. Let’s come here tomorrow and catch all of them.”

Three Fish And The Fishermen – Panchatantra Stories 8

Anagatavidhata overheard the fishermen’s talk. She gathered all the fish in the pond and narrated to them what she had heard about. She said, “It’s better that we move out of here to some other safer pond. Our life will, at least, be safe.” Everybody agreed to this proposal including Pratyutpannamati.

But Yadbhavishya said, “Why should we run like cowards from this pond. Let the fishermen come. We’ll see to it together that we’re not caught in the net. Besides, who knows the fishermen would really turn up here. After all, everyone has to die one day. So why be afraid of death.”

But Anagatavidhata and Pratyutpannamati didn’t agree with Yadbhavishya’s ideas. They moved out to another pond with their families to live with their other near and dear ones.

The next morning, the fishermen came to the pond. They cast their net in the pond and trapped Yadbhavishya and her family along with a large number of other fish living in the pond.

Moral: Always plan your future intelligently.