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Ramachandraya Mangalam Lyrics | Bhakta Ramadasu

Ramachandraya Mangalam Lyrics | Bhakta Ramadasu: Ramachandraya Mangalam is a Telugu devotional song about Lord Rama, composed by Swami Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasu. Lord Rama is a one of the largely worshiped deity in Hindu religion. Rama is the seventh avatar of the god Vishnu in his Dashavatara [Ten Avatars]. Lord Rama’s birthday is celebrated as

Devaru Hoseda Premada Daara Lyrics | Muthina Haara

Devaru Hoseda Premada Daara Lyrics | Muthina Haara: Devaru Hoseda Premada Daara is a famous song rendered by renowned Karnatic musician M. Balamuralikrishna along with playback singer K. S. Chithra from the 1990 Kannada movie Muthina Haara [Muttina Haara], directed by S. V. Rajendra Singh Babu. The story was written by V M Joshi and