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Lalitha Navarathna Malai Lyrics

Lalitha Navarathna Malai Lyrics: Lalitha Navarathna Malai is a devotional hymn, composed by sage Agathiyar [Agastya]. At one time, Hayagriva, who had imparted many teachings to Agathiyar, extolled the greatness of Lalitha Sahasranama. When Agathiyar inquired about the significance of that hymn, Hayagriva explained the sacred path leading to the abode of the Divine Mother.

Prabho Ganapathe Paripoorana Vazhvarulvaye Lyrics

Prabho Ganapathe Paripoorana Vazhvarulvaye Lyrics: Prabho Ganapathe Paripoorana Vazhvarulvaye is a Tamil devotional song about Lord Ganapathi, composed by sage Agathiyar [Agastya]. Lord Ganapathi also known as Ganesha, Vinayaka, and other names is one of the most worshiped deities in the Hindu religion. He is the song of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is

Shanmuga Nayagan Thondriduvan Lyrics

Shanmuga Nayagan Thondriduvan Lyrics: Shanmuga Nayagan Thondriduvan is a popular Tamil Devotional Song about Lord Murugan, composed by Sage Agastya. Lord Murugan is known by many names such as Subrahmanya, Kumara, Kartikeya, Skanda and many other names. He is the second son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He is younger brother of Lord Ganesha. Sage

Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneshwari Lyrics | Tamil Devotional Songs

Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneshwari Lyrics | Tamil Devotional Songs: Sri Chakra Raja Simhasaneshwari is a Tamil devotional song in composed in Carnatic classical by sage Agastya. Agastya was a revered sage in Hinduism. He is one of the seven most revered rishis [Saptarishi] in the Vedic texts, and is revered as one of the Tamil