Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187 Written Update

Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187 Written Update: Bhagyalakshmi is a Kannada Television Serial, aired on Colors Kannada channel. It is also available on Voot app also where you can see the latest episode of the serial before TV telecast. Lets see what happens in Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187 [9 Jun 2023].

Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187 Written Update

In the previous episode [Bhagyalakshmi E186] we saw, How Tandav and Shresta engages in a fight after getting high on drinks.

After humiliated by the previous house owner of Shresta, Tandav decides to spend the evening with Shreshta in the pub without any disturbances. While they are enjoying their drinks, few people teases Shreshta. Instead of comforting Shreshta, Tandav criticize Shreshta for her attire. Lets see what happens in Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187.

Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Today Episode

Bhagyalakshmi E187 [9 June 2023] – Tandav is ready to tie a knot with Shreshta!

Shreshta tries to take the advantage of the Tandav’s intoxicated state and provokes him to tie a Taali. Furious, Tandav decides to tie a Managalasuthra to her, at the same time Tandavs mobile rings and he becomes distracted and comes to his sense. He backs off from tying the knot to Shresta, as he sees her mothers call.

Shresta asks him to tie the knot, for which Tandav disagrees. Frustrated by Tandavs fear to his mother, Shresta insults him again and leaves the place. Meanwhile Bhagya and her two children are still awake and waiting for Tandav’s return to home. At last Tandav comes back home, as Bhagya learns that her husband is drunk, worry and concern washes over her.

Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Episode 187 Written Update

Bhagyalakshmi Kannada Serial Story

Two sisters, Bhagya and Lakshmi are married into two different houses, yet their fate seems to be the same. With lies, treachery and illusions surrounding both the sisters and their worlds on the brink of explosion, how they face all the problems that fate and their choices pose against them by becoming each other’s support when needed is the story of Bhagyalakshmi!

Bhagya is married to Tandav, a ambitious modern man who works in an office, wants to be number 1, to be praised everywhere, to know everything and to talk about global issues. But Bhagya does not know anything except housework, cooking and making everyone happy and sad.

The couple has a Daughters and a son. They live in a joint family with Tandavs parents. Meanwhile Tandav is in love with his colleague Sreshta, who loves Tandav and believes that she can marry him someday. What will happen to Bhagya forms the rest of the story.

Sudarshan Rangaprasad played the role of Tandav Suryavanshi, Sushma K Rao played the role of Bhagya, Padmaja Rao played the role of veteran actress Kusuma and Kavya Gowda played the role of Shrestha.