First Zika Virus Case Reported in Karnataka

First Zika Virus Case Reported in Karnataka: In Karnataka, the health department has stepped up precautionary measures after a five-year-old girl tested positive for the Zika virus.

The Zika virus is caused by the Aedes mosquito. It is easily spread from one person to another through mosquitoes. The virus was first identified in Uganda in 1947. In 2016, the Zika virus spread worldwide and affected thousands of people, especially pregnant women.

In this situation, Zika virus has been detected in Karnataka. A five-year-old girl from Raichur district developed fever. Similarly, as some others fell ill, their blood samples were collected and sent to a laboratory in Pune for testing. At the end of the test, the girl was confirmed to have the Zika virus.

After being diagnosed with Zika virus, the girl is being kept under close observation and is being given continuous treatment. Also, the Karnataka Health Department is taking measures to identify and treat people affected by fever in and around Raichur.

First Zika Virus Case Reported in Karnataka
PC: Pixabay

Regarding the impact of Zika virus, Karnataka State Health Minister K. Sudhakar says, “The girl who has been diagnosed with Zika virus has been suffering from fever and vomiting for the past 15 days and later admitted to the hospital. The girl’s blood samples were sent to a virology laboratory in Pune. In this, the girl was confirmed to be infected with the Zika virus.

It is not known how the girl came in contact with Zika Virus. The details of the places where the girl went and the people who were with her are being collected. Blood samples of the child’s parents have also been sent for analysis. Apart from the girl, no one else has been diagnosed with Zika virus in the state so far. However, the government is monitoring the situation carefully. People should not be afraid of the Zika virus,” he said.