Kubera Ashtothram Lyrics | Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Kubera Ashtothram Lyrics | Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali: Kubera Ashtottaram Shatanamavali is the recitation of 108 names of Lord Kubera. The lord is referred by 108 different names.

Kubera, also known as Kuvera, Kuber, and Kuberan, holds a prominent position as the god of wealth and the sovereign ruler of the semi-divine yakshas in Hinduism. Revered as the guardian of the north [Dikpala] and a protector of the world [Lokapala].

Kubera is worshipped through various means, with the Kubera Ashtothram or Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali standing out as a distinctive form of adulation. Comprising 108 divine names, these expressions extol Kubera’s diverse attributes, appearance, and benevolent nature.

In the Kubera Ashtothram, the relationship between Kubera and the Great God Shiva is illuminated through the various names, portraying Kubera as an ardent devotee engaged in Shiva puja.

The names within this sacred compilation also shed light on Kubera’s connections with Goddess Lakshmi and his associations with figures like Ravana, Surpanakha, Yakshas, Kinnaras, and Kimpurushas. Furthermore, they clearly explain Kubera’s role as the custodian of all treasures, embodying greatness and a generous bestowing nature.

Devotees seeking the blessings of the Lord of Wealth may turn to reciting the Kubera Stotram and Kubera Mantra, which serve as additional avenues for invoking Kubera’s divine favor.

Kubera Ashtothram Lyrics Kubera Ashtottara ShatanamavaliKubera Ashtothram Lyrics | Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Genre: Devotional
Lord: Kubera
Language: Sanskrit
Lyrics: N/A
Singer: Various

Sri Kubera Ashtothram Lyrics | Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali | 108 Names

Om Kuberaya Namaha
Om Dhanadaya Namaha
Om Shrimathe Namaha
Om Yaksheshaaya Namaha
Om Guhyakeshwaraaya Namaha
Om Nidheeshaaya Namaha
Om Shankara Sakhaya Namaha
Om Maha Lakshmi Nivasabhuvey Namaha
Om Mahapadma Nidheeshaaya Namaha | 9

Om Poornaya Namaha
Om Padma Nidheeswaraya Namaha
Om Sankhakhya Nidhi Nadhaya Namaha
Om Makaraakhya Nidhi Priyaya Namaha
Om Sukaccha Panidheesaya Namaha
Om Mukunda Nidhi Nayakaya Namaha
Om Kundaakya Nidhi Nadhaya Namaha
Om Neela Nithyadhipaya Namaha
Om Mahathey Namaha | 18

Om Varannityadhipaya Namaha
Om Poojyaaya Namaha
Om Lakshmi Samraajya Daayakaaya Namaha
Om Ilapilapadayaya Namaha
Om Koshadheesaya Namaha
Om Kulodheesaya Namaha
Om Ashvaroodaya Namaha
Om Vishwa Vandhyaya Namaha
Om Visheshagnyaya Namaha | 27

Om Vishaaradaaya Namaha
Om Nalakoobaranaathaya Namaha
Om Manigreeva Pithre Namaha
Om Goodha Mantraya Namaha
Om Vaishravanaaya Namaha
Om Chitralekhaa Manah Priyaya Namaha
Om Ekapinchaaya Namaha
Om Alakadheeshaya Namaha
Om Paulasthaya Namaha | 36

Om Nara Vahanaya Namaha
Om Kailasa Shaila Nilayaya Namaha
Om Rajyadaaya Namaha
Om Ravana agrajaya Namaha
Om Chitra Chaitra Radhaya Namaha
Om Udhyana Viharaya Namaha
Om Vihara Sukuthuhalaya Namaha
Om Mahosthahaya Namaha
Om Maha Pragnaya Namaha | 45

Om Sada Pushpaka Vahanaya Namaha
Om Saarvabhaumaya Namaha
Om Anganathaya Namaha
Om Somaya Namaha
Om Saumyadhikeswaraya Namaha
Om Punyatmane Namaha
Om Puruhutha Shriyai Namaha
Om Sarva Punya Janeshwaraya Namaha
Om Nithya Keerthaya Namaha | 54

Om Neeti Vethrey Namaha
Om Lankaaprakdhana Nayakaya Namaha
Om Yakshinivruthaaya Namaha
Om Parama Shanthaathmane Namaha
Om Yaksha Rajaya Namaha
Om Yakshini Vrutthaya Namaha
Om Kinnareshaya Namaha
Om Kimpurushaya Namaha | 63

Om Nathaya Namah
Om Khadgaayudhaya Namaha
Om Vashine Namaha
Om Eeshana Daksha Paarshwasthaya Namaha
Om Vaayu Vama Samasrayaya Namaha
Om Dharma Marga Nirathaya Namaha
Om Dharma Sammukha Samsthithaya Namaha
Om Nithyeshwaraya Namaha
Om Dhanadhyakshaya Namaha | 72

Om Ashta Lakshmi Aasrithalayaya Namaha
Om Manushya Dharminey Namaha
Om Sakrutaya Namaha
Om Koshalakshmi Samaashrithaya Namaha
Om Dhanalakshmi Nithya Vasaya Namaha
Om Dhaanyalakshmi Nivasabhuvey Namaha
Om Ashtalakshmi Sadavasaya Namaha
Om Gajalakshmi Sthiralayaya Namaha
Om Rajyalakshmi Janmagehaya Namaha | 81

Om Dhairyalakshmi Krupaashrayaya Namaha
Om Akhandaishwarya Samyukthaaya Namaha
Om Nithyanandaya Namaha
Om Sukasrayaya Namaha
Om Nithya trupthaya Namaha
Om Nidhi Dhatrey Namaha
Om Niraashrayaya Namaha
Om Nirupadravaya Namaha
Om Nithya Kamaya Namaha | 90

Om Nirakankshaya Namaha
Om Nirupadhika Vaasabhuvey Namaha
Om Shaanthaya Namaha
Om Sarva guno pethaya Namaha
Om Sarvagnaya Namaha
Om Sarva Sammataya Namaha
Om Sarvani Karunaapatraya Namaha
Om Sadananda Krupalayaya Namaha
Om Gandharva kula Samsevyaya Namaha | 99

Om Saugandhi Kusuma priyaya Namaha
Om Swarnanagari Vasaya Namaha
Om Nidhipeetha Samasrayaya Namaha
Om Maha Meruttara Sthayiney Namaha
Om Maharshi Gana Samsthuthaya Namaha
Om Thushtaya Namaha
Om Surpanakha Jyesthaya Namaha
Om Shiva poojarathaya Namaha
Om Anaghaya Namaha | 108

Om Rajayoga Samaayukthaya Namaha
Om Rajashekara Pujakaya Namaha
Om Rajarajaya Kuberaya Namaha

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